Thank you for being a customer of Pure Cycle or one of our wholesale portfolio customers (including Rangeview Metropolitan District, Elbert & Highway 86 Metropolitan District). If you would like to pay by check, please send checks to:

34501 E. Quincy Ave., Bldg 34, Box 10, Watkins, CO 80137

Make checks payable to your water provider and in the memo line write your account ID, if known.

To pay by credit card, please follow the links below to the payment portal for your water provider.

Pure Cycle Corporation

Rangeview Metropolitan District


Q: What are your Rules and Regulations regarding service? 

A: Please refer to our Rules and Regulations. 

Q: How do I pay online?

A: Please follow the links above. You can pay your current bill or set up automatic payments to bill your credit or debit card, or checking account monthly.

Q: What is my rate?

A: It depends on your service area. Below is a link to the rules and regulations that contain the rates and charges for our service areas.

  • For Rangeview customers, see Appendix A (page 116)
  • For Wild Pointe customers, see Appendix E (pages 112 and 113)
  • For Sky Ranch customers, see Appendix E (pages 114 and 115)

Q: What is the quality of my water? Is it safe? Where can I find out that it’s really safe.

A: We are required to deliver customers a water quality report each year. Although you may have received this in the mail, you can also view it online.

  • Wild Pointe
  • Rangeview

Q: Where does my water come from?

A: We source our water from surface supplies and groundwater supplies. Surface water supplies include our regional WISE water supply, and our Box-Elder and Coal Creek supplies. Our groundwater supplies can originate in one of four formations including the Dawson, Denver, Arapahoe or Laramie Fox Hills aquifers. Click on the image to the right to see a rendering of the formations.

Q: Are we going to run out of water in our Metropolitan Area? What are the water resources and sustainability measures in place?

A: The short answer is the Front Range of Colorado is one of the most water constrained areas in the Country. Water and growth are inextricably connected and Colorado - particularly in the Front Range - has more water users than available water supplies. This constraint places enormous pressure on Colorado's agricultural water supplies, which are often purchased and reallocated to meet growing cities' water demands.

Pure Cycle has acquired an extensive portfolio of water which it estimates can provide service to approximately 60,000 single family connections. Currently we supply water to less than 500 connections, but are poised to grow our utility customers both organically through development at our Sky Ranch property, which will grow to approximately 5,000 connections, and through acquisitions which seek to leverage our available water supplies to other municipalities in need of new water supply.