Pure Cycle provides sustainable, reliable, environmentally responsible wholesale water and wastewater services to local governments, commercial and industrial customers delivering high quality water using the Company’s extensive portfolio of water rights throughout Colorado.

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Pure Cycle owns an extensive portfolio of valuable water rights located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area, Southeastern Colorado in the Arkansas River, and the Western Slope of Colorado in the Colorado River.  The majority of our water rights are to provide wholesale water and wastewater service to local governments, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Denver metropolitan area.  The Company has exclusive service agreements with the 930 acres Sky Ranch Master Planned Development as well as the 24,000 acre Lowry Range both located in Arapahoe County, Colorado.  Our wholesale Domestic water and wastewater services provider the full range of service from owning the water rights which we divert, treat, store and distribute to local government's water distributions systems and then collect the wastewater once used to process the wastewater for future reuse for wholesale irrigation uses.  The Company’s Denver portfolio of water located in Arapahoe County includes:

Lowry Range Water Assets:

25,961 acre feet of Groundwater
8,125 acre feet of Surface Water
(3,311 acre feet average year yield)
29,262 acre feet of Surface Storage sites

Sky Ranch:

828 acre feet of Groundwater

Arapahoe County FairgroundsArapahoe County Fairgrounds:

363 acre feet of Groundwater

Pure Cycle’s service areas include the Sky Ranch development, the Lowry Range, Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, and the company seeks to expand our service to the surrounding areas along the I-70 corridor in Arapahoe County.  The eastern I-70 corridor enjoys excellent transportation infrastructure, convenient and easy access to Denver International Airport, and significant large land assemblages which make the corridor one of the most attractive development corridors in the region.  Pure Cycle’s water supplies and service areas are located in the heart of the I-70 corridor area.