Our stock is traded on the NASDAQ Capital Market under the ticker symbol "PCYO." We were incorporated in 1976 in the State of Delaware, and reincorporated in Colorado in 2007.

Effective September 15, 2011, we have switched transfer agents to Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc. You may contact them with questions regarding your stock at our dedicated toll free number: 1-855-418-5058.


SEC Filings

Q4 FY 16 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q3 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q2 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q1 FY16 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q4 FY15 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q3 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q2 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q1 FY15 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q4 FY14 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q3 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q2 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q1 FY14 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q4 FY13 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q3 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q2 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q1 FY13 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q4 FY12 10K Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

Q3 FY12 10Q Filing (PDF) (XBRL) (SEC)

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Financial Update Q4 2016

Financial Update Q2 2016 (Audio)

Financial Update Q4 2015 (Audio)

Financial Update Q1 2015 (Audio)

Financial Update Q4 2014 (Audio)

September 2014 Update

Financial Update Q3 2014 (Audio)

Update June 2014

Financial Update Q2 2014

2012 Corporate Overview (Audio)


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