Pure Cycle has water assets located in the Denver, Colorado metropolitan area. The majority of our water rights (which are our "Rangeview Water Assets" - located in the Denver metropolitan area) are being used or anticipated to be used to deliver wholesale water services to our customers, which are local government providers of water services to their end-use customers for primarily residential uses throughout the Front Range of Colorado.

Recycle - Reduce - Reuse

Pure Cycle Corporation is committed to thinking outside the box when it comes to designing and operating a sustainable and environmentally friendly water / wastewater system. Our dual distribution systems allow us to utilize our clean potable water for domestic water demands, collect, treat, store and return highly reclaimed water for outdoor irrigation use, greatly reducing the amount of water that is wasted by a traditional water systems.

We also have designed our systems to include the use of individual rain meters which will shut off irrigation systems in the event that natural precipitation exceeds specified amounts and we will utilize the latest technology for leak detection and automated meter relaying systems to reduce the number of traditional meter readers required to be driving and using precious fuel. We encourage the use of efficient appliances (showers, toilets, washing machines, etc) and anticipate offering an incentive program to our local government water service provider customers to encourage their customers to buy low flow products.