About Us

Pure Cycle provides wholesale water and wastewater services to municipal customers who, in turn, provide those services to residences and businesses.

Our wholesale water services include:


  • We own rights to extract groundwater and divert surface water,
  • We’ve built the assets and infrastructure to produce that water,
  • We operate and maintain all the infrastructure to produce our water.


  • We own the assets to treat water for consumption,
  • We produce, store and transmit raw water supplies to our industrial customers,
  • We employ licensed operators operate and maintain our treatment and transmission systems.


  • We own the assets to store water before it is transmitted to our customers,
  • We have adjudicated rights to build additional storage facilities in the form of two new reservoirs.


  • We own the assets and infrastructure to transmit water to customers - we call this system of pipelines our "System Interconnect."

Our wholesale wastewater services include:


  • We design, construct, operate and maintain the infrastructure to collect wastewater.


  • We design, construct, operate and maintain the infrastructure to treat wastewater for reuse.


  • We own the assets to store treated wastewater for reuse in industrial and irrigation applications.


  • We own the assets and infrastructure used to transmit reused water to our reuse customers.

Pure Cycle has significant water supplies and production capacity to provide large quantities of water (“bulk” water) to our industrial customers with unique water demands. Because of our location over the Niobrara oil and gas play, some of our largest customers are our industrial customers.

Pure Cycle owns nearly 1,000 acres of land near Interstate-70, just 4 miles south of Denver International Airport and less than 15 miles east of Downtown Denver. This land will soon be the home to nearly 5,000 homes, businesses and commercial users  in a fully Master Planned Community called Sky Ranch.

With Denver’s shortage of entry-level homes and Sky Ranch’s proximity to major employment centers (DIA, the new Amazon fulfillment center, the Gaylord Hotel, etc.), we believe this will be a great area for thousands of new residences.

Pure Cycle is currently under construction with the horizontal development of the first phase of Sky Ranch, and has contracts in place to sell developed lots to national homebuilders that will in turn build homes and sell them to the public.

Through Rangeview, Pure Cycle will be the exclusive wholesale water and wastewater service provider to Sky Ranch.