Our Public/Private Relationships

The Pure Cycle and Rangeview Relationship

Pure Cycle Corporation works closely with Rangeview Metropolitan Water District (“Rangeview”) to provide water in parts of unincorporated Arapahoe County, Colorado.

Working With Water Main
Man Working with a Water Main
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What Pure Cycle Does:

Pure Cycle is primarily a wholesale water and wastewater utility. We collect, treat and store water for consumption, then we deliver it to Rangeview. After it has been used we collect the wastewater, treat it and store it to be used again as non-potable irrigation water.

How Pure Cycle Does It:

We own everything required to be vertically integrated including the rights to groundwater and surface water, and the infrastructure to capture, recover treat, store and deliver it.

What Rangeview Does:

Rangeview is a quasi-municipality that buys water from Pure Cycle and delivers it to residents and businesses.

How Rangeview Does It:

Rangeview owns pipelines that transmit water to master meters, owned by businesses or other municipal or quasi-municipal entities. Rangeview is considered a wholesale water provider in these cases; the entity that sells water directly to residents or businesses is considered a retail water provider.

Why this Works:

Pure Cycle can charge Rangeview appropriate fees relative to the cost of developing infrastructure and can solicit equity investment from investors to acquire the assets up front. Rangeview would not be able to acquire the necessary equity investments otherwise.

The Public Private Partnership

Ridge View Academy Water Tank
Ridge View Academy Water Tank
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You may be asking yourself, “why is a private company operating in the municipal water space?” If you found yourself pondering that question, don’t be alarmed. We appreciate dialogue on this subject.

But before we can answer it, we have to take a step backward.

Pure Cycle is heavily dependent on patient capital, exceptional employees and favorable market forces.

We’re fortunate to have investors who have adopted our vision for what this company could beThey left their money invested in water rights and infrastructure for decades guided by the belief that, when our market geography becomes developed, water will be managed at the nexus of conservation, efficiency, profitability and accountability.

We’re fortunate to have employees who can think about solving the water shortage problem in Denver rather than just dealing with the day to day issues of water management. They are engineers and business people with unique abilities to see a larger vision and simultaneously execute on the minutia of day to day business.

We’re fortunate to operate east of Denver, where the growing population in Colorado is now turning to our geography for its next major phase of development. Compounding this market force are our long-term, trust-centered relationships with municipal officials which, when combined, are leading to the emergence of Pure Cycle as the leading water supplier in our geography.

We know that we’re fortunate to operate in such a unique position and do not under any circumstances take that lightly. It is our mission to put our customers first in every decision we make, never compromising our integrity for profit. But we also know that our investors deserve to be rewarded for their patience. We are relentless in our efforts to deliver them appropriate returns for the capital they provided to deliver pure, reliable water to the Easter Denver Metro Area.

It comes down to this: we have the best interest of both our customers and our investors in mind. By doing what is in their best interest, we have been able to achieve success in the public-private space.