About Pure Cycle

Innovation. Integration. Pure Cycle.

Pure Cycle is an innovative, diversified, vertically integrated water and land development company. We own and develop a valuable portfolio of water rights and land in the water-scarce Denver region.

Sky Ranch is our latest master planned community that is located along I-70; both commercial and residential tenants who move in and become water and wastewater utility customers.

Our Mission

To deliver safe, pure, great-tasting water from its source to our customers.

Our Vision

Do more with every drop, using and reusing our water supplies through extinction.

Our Values


We live in a semi-arid, water-scarce climate—thus, using and reusing our water is not just good business: it's necessary. Protecting our valuable water supplies and fully using these supplies helps to extend the use of water and ease the water-shortage problem our state faces with its growing population.

Customer Service

We seek to serve our customers with the highest professional standards. We continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us (municipalities, businesses, and our fellow team members and water partners) and then exceed their expectations.

Investor Returns

Our shareholders demand good stewardship of invested capital. Pure Cycle takes this responsibility very seriously and seeks to invest that capital into valuable assets which can generate returns for our shareholders. We make every business decision first with our customers in mind, then with the intent to provide earnest returns that will reward our investors.

Related Business Activities and Growth

We welcome related business ventures and acquisition opportunities that will serve the people and businesses in Colorado when those activities strengthen our position as a leading provider of water and land resource development in Colorado and beyond.

Water Infrastructure by the Numbers

We own or control more than 29,000 acre-feet of water along the Denver Front Range.


Acre-Feet of Water Rights


Groundwater Wells


Miles of Distribution Pipeline


Alluvial Wells


Acre-feet of Surface Storage


Wastewater Reclamation Facilities


Miles of Transmission Pipeline


Million Gallons of Water Storage

As of Aug. 31, 2020 • 2020 Year End Financial Results Presentation

Revenue Growth

In Thousands The vertical axis is in Millions

As of Aug. 31, 2020 • 10-K 2020

Reliable, High-Quality Water on Demand

We provide wholesale water and wastewater services to local governments and industries. We own or control the water rights which are estimated to serve 60,000 single-family homes at buildout and maintain specialized infrastructure to serve high-volume industrial customers, such as oil and gas. Our mission is to provide sustainable, reliable, high-quality water to meet our customers' demands.

Learn About Our Water Recourses

Building a More Sustainable Future

Land development compliments our core water and wastewater business by attracting new utility customers to our service area. In 2010, we purchased Sky Ranch, a 930-acre parcel of land located 15 miles east of Denver and four miles south of Denver International Airport. Since 2020, Sky Ranch has sold over 500 lots and has contracted with national homebuilders to sell an additional 800 lots which generate revenues from lot sales, public improvement reimbursables, tap fees and monthly usage charges. The combination of our water activities and land development activities provides a highly attractive synergistic model for both water and land development.  We are able to leverage our highly skilled team members who design, engineer, construct, operate and maintain our water systems to cross over to assist in our land development activities creating value in both segments. 

Watch Sky Ranch Grow

We Make Water Work Harder

With a fixed supply and growing demand, competition for water continues to increase the cost.  Stewardship of this valuable resources through conjunctive use of our drought resistant groundwater supplies, surface water supplies, surface water reservoirs, and aquifer storage and recovery ensure we protect and preserve our water supplies today and into the future. 

Water Conservation

Committed to Serving Colorado's Water Needs

We partner with municipal and private water systems to improve their infrastructure and operations. If you are looking to monetize your water, or expand your water or wastewater capabilities, we can help.

Partner with Us

Broad Vision, Precise Execution

Our leaders are experienced, successful businesspeople, engineers, operators and dedicated professionals committed to getting the job done and creating value for our customers and shareholders.