Providing Solutions for a Water-Stressed State

As a water provider in a state facing increasing water stress due to population growth, climate changes, and heightened competition for resources, our core mission is to address these challenges and secure a sustainable water supply for the communities we serve. To safeguard this invaluable resource, we implement robust systems and make strategic investments that prioritize responsible water use. This involves incorporating measures for water conservation, recycling and reuse, and aquifer storage and recovery into our operations and community initiatives.

In the face of growing demand and environmental considerations, we strive to be at the forefront of innovative solutions. By promoting responsible water practices, fostering conservation efforts, and implementing recycling and reuse strategies, we actively contribute to the sustainable development and resilience of the regions water supplies. Our dedication to these principles underscores our role as a responsible steward of water resources in a state grappling with the challenges of a changing climate and increasing urbanization in a water short region.

Water Should Be Recycled

Water recycling stands at the forefront of our sustainable water management practices. Through our advanced water reclamation facilities, we actively contribute to reducing our state's dependence on limited water supplies. Our comprehensive approach involves the collection, treatment, and subsequent reuse of wastewater maximizing the value of this precious resource.

Our state-of-the-art water reclamation facilities are equipped to treat wastewater to high standards, rendering it suitable for specific purposes without compromising public health. The treated water is then repurposed through a dedicated non-potable distribution system for outdoor irrigation and industrial uses, contributing to water conservation and promoting responsible water stewardship.

Emphasizing the reuse of valuable water supplies aligns with our commitment to sustainability and resource efficiency. By incorporating water recycling into our practices, we actively contribute to the resilience of our water systems, reduce strain on natural water sources, and support environmental stewardship in the communities we serve. Our dedication to maximizing the value of water underscores our role as responsible custodians of this essential and finite resource.

We Conserve Our Well Water

Much of the Denver area water comes from aquifers – underground water sources – that are being drained faster than they are refilling. To protect this nonrenewable water source, we strive to use less and continually recycle and repurpose.

Here are some ways we conserve:

Tiered Pricing System – discourages overuse by rewarding households with low-water landscaping and efficient indoor appliances

Dual Distribution System – uses reclaimed water for outdoor parks and open space irrigation

Advanced Rain Meter Stations – monitor weather and soil moisture levels to mitigate excessive watering of turf areas

Leak Detection Technology – immediately detects leaks and water losses throughout our distribution systems

Renewable Water Sources

Our surface water comes from streams that run through the Lowry Range during Colorado’s spring runoff season. Stream water is captured in our reservoirs and stored for later use. Our ability to hold water for future use is extremely important for supplying water to our customers when they need it.