Our Operations Protect Our Most Valuable Resources

Pure Cycle is a diversified land and water resource development company that owns and develops a valuable portfolio of land and water rights in a water-short region. We provide reliable, sustainable, high-quality water and wastewater services to local governments and industrial customers, and develop land that creates new customers for our utilities.

Vertically Integrated Water – It Works

We provide wholesale water and wastewater services to local governments and industrial customers. We own or control the water rights and infrastructure required to withdraw, treat, store, deliver and collect water and wastewater for an estimated 60,000 single-family equivalents (SFEs) at buildout.

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Land Development in our Growing Business

Our land development operations, exemplified by Sky Ranch, represents a thriving segment of our growing business. Spanning 930 acres along the bustling Interstate 70 corridor, Sky Ranch stands as one of the Denver area's most rapidly expanding master planned communities. Boasting superb transportation accessibility, this community is designed to cater to the diverse needs of residents.

At the heart of Sky Ranch's appeal is its commitment to providing an enriched living experience. The community features a K-12 neighborhood Charter School campus, embodying our dedication to fostering education within the local community. Residents of Sky Ranch enjoy sweeping mountain views, extensive trail networks, open spaces, and parks that contribute to the overall vibrancy of the community.

A key strength of Sky Ranch lies in offering affordable and attractive starter homes to homebuyers. Recognizing the widespread challenges related to home affordability in major metropolitan markets, Sky Ranch positions itself as a solution—providing residents with "Life within Reach." This commitment underscores our dedication to creating communities that not only meet the immediate housing needs but also enhance the quality of life for those who call Sky Ranch home.

As we continue to develop and expand our land development activities, our goal is to contribute to the sustainable growth of the Denver area, offering thoughtfully planned communities that address the evolving needs of residents and the broader community. Sky Ranch exemplifies our vision for responsible and vibrant land development, creating spaces where people can live, thrive, and build lasting connections.

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Expanding into Property Management

Recognizing the challenges faced by new home buyers, such as home affordability concerns, a growing desire for more space, economic uncertainties, and fluctuating interest rates, we are strategically expanding into single-family-rental homes and property management.

The modern dynamics of remote and hybrid work environments have further accentuated the need for spacious and well-suited rental properties. To meet this demand, we have taken proactive steps by reserving over 200 lots in Sky Ranch and embarking on the construction and leasing of single-family homes. These homes are for long-term rental purposes, forming the foundation of our Single Family Rental segment.

Our single-family-rental model is designed to yield high-margin revenue. By retaining ownership of the land and utilities, collaborating with our national homebuilders to construct homes that become part of our portfolio, and accessing low-cost mortgage capital, we maximize the leverage on our earnings. This strategic approach not only aligns with contemporary housing trends but also positions us to deliver enhanced shareholder value.

As we venture into property management through single-family rentals, we remain committed to providing quality living spaces that cater to the needs of today's renters. This expansion reflects our adaptability to market shifts and underscores our dedication to innovation in the real estate sector.

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Our Strong Portfolio of Mineral Acres

Our strategic asset portfolio extends beyond real estate and water resources, encompassing a robust collection of mineral acres. With ownership of over 10,000 net mineral acres, the majority situated in southern Colorado, we have also own a significant—nearly 700 acres—in the oil-rich Niobrara Formation within the Southern Wattenberg Field.

This mineral acreage position grants us the opportunity to capitalize on mineral royalty revenues derived from wells drilled on and pooled with our mineral acres, particularly in and around the Sky Ranch property. The Southern Wattenberg Field, known for its oil-rich resources, enhances the overall value proposition for our shareholders.  This diversified approach underscores our commitment to building a comprehensive and resilient asset portfolio to contribute to the overall success of our company.

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