Our Operations Protect Our Most Valuable Resources

Pure Cycle is a diversified land and water resource development company that owns and develops a valuable portfolio of land and water rights in a water-short region. We provide reliable, sustainable, high-quality water and wastewater services to local governments and industrial customers, and develop land that creates new customers for our utilities.

Vertically Integrated Water – It Works

We provide wholesale water and wastewater services to local governments and industrial customers. We own or control the water rights and infrastructure required to withdraw, treat, store, deliver and collect water and wastewater for an estimated 60,000 single-family equivalents (SFEs) at buildout.

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Land Development Grows Our Business

In 2010, we purchased Sky Ranch, a 930-acre parcel of land located 15 miles east of Denver. Now in Phase 2 of development, Sky Ranch adds value to our core water and wastewater operations by attracting new utility customers to our service area.

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Expanding into Property Management

We have reserved over 100 lots in Sky Ranch and are building single-family homes on them to retain for long-term rental purposes. This build-to-rent (BTR) model allows us to create a high-margin revenue product while using inexpensive capital for the home construction costs.

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Our Strong Portfolio of Mineral Acres

We own a portfolio of over 10,000 net mineral acres in the Niobrara Formation in the Southern Wattenberg Field and southeastern Colorado. Currently, we have a mineral royalty interest from multiple oil and gas wells, which pool mineral acres from Sky Ranch. In the future, our oil and gas operator will construct additional wells from our Sky Ranch mineral ownership.

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