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Thoughtful Land Development Tailored to Colorado’s Climate

At Pure Cycle, our land development segment delivers ready-to-build, finished lots to home builders and commercial customers. Our current focus, Sky Ranch, is a master-planned community providing residential, commercial, retail, and light industrial lots along Denver's booming I-70 corridor. We are proud to develop Sky Ranch with advanced water-saving infrastructure that honors our semiarid climate.

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Residential and Commercial Space

Sky Ranch is zoned to accommodate up to 3,200 single- and multi-family homes, and over 2 million square feet of retail, commercial, and light industrial space – which is the equivalent of 1,800 residential lots.

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Sky Ranch in Development Denver Housing Market

Low interest rates lead to highest level of mortgage activity in Denver metro since 2005.

Refinancings surge as borrowers take advantage of low rates.

Denver Post, 8/20

Average metro Denver home sale price surpasses $600,000 for first time ever.

A lack of supply pushed down sales and pushed the average price of a home sold above $600,000 in August.

Denver Post, 9/20

September was the toughest month ever to buy a home in metro Denver.

Inventory of homes and condos hits an all-time low.

Denver Post, 10/20

"Shrugging Off" the Pandemic, Colorado's Housing Markey Broke Records This Summer.

CBS News, 8/20

Denver's a top market among millennials buying homes.

Denver Business Journal, 1/20

Denver suddenly has one of the most competitive housing markets in America.

CNBC, 10/20

Sky Ranch Development Timeline

As of the end of our Fiscal Year 2020


135 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

22 Residents (cumulative)


180 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

58 Residents (cumulative)


213 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

85 Residents (cumulative)


265 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

147 Residents (cumulative)

Fiscal Year 2021


317 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

205 Residents (cumulative)


350 Homes under construction/occupied (cumulative)

257 Residents (cumulative)

Sky Ranch Development Phases

Sky Ranch development is proceeding far ahead of initial forecasts. All 1,400+ Phase 1 and Phase 2 lots are sold or under contract with national homebuilders, with another 106 lots that we are holding for our build-to-rent segment. All Phase 1 homes are expected to be completed and occupied by December 2021.
Future development phases will include entry roads, monuments, parks, open spaces and drainage infrastructure to serve the entire community. We also built a zero-discharge water reclamation facility that reuses 100% of wastewater collected from customers to re-sell for outdoor irrigation demands.
Since builders are required to purchase water and sewer taps for each lot at the time of permitting, each lot sale also represents a new Pure Cycle utility customer.

Phase 1 Forecast

Lots Sold

506 lots sold to 3 national home builders for $36.7 million.

Lots Delivered

All 506 lots have been delivered as of Q1-2021.

Homes Occupied

214 homes are occupied by residents (as of February 2021).

Homes Under Construction

87 homes are under construction at avg. of 27 completed per month.

Estimated Full Occupancy

By December 2021.

Phase 2 Forecast


Total platted lots anticipated.


Lots under contract.


Lots retained for future use.

Delivering Innovative Utility Services: Water

As a vertically integrated water and wastewater resource development company, we provide sustainable, high-quality water for our customers. Sky Ranch tenants will benefit from our water and wastewater utility services.

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Partnerships that Serve Colorado’s Water Needs

We partner with municipal and private water systems to improve their infrastructure and operations. If you are looking to monetize your water, or expand your water or wastewater capabilities, we can help.

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