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Why do municipalities and businesses choose Pure Cycle?

Water Tank Controls
Water Tank Controls
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Municipal officials are often supported with limited staff yet are asked to manage a myriad of priorities like roads, bridges, parks, libraries, police, fire and other community needs. And this all while maintaining balanced budgets.

Business owners generally keep the scope of their operations focused on their core competencies rather than attempting to maintain a variety of assets for an entire community. Investing in a capex-heavy business model, and accessing the engineering and technical expertise that accompanies the responsibilities of water and wastewater services can be more cost effective in a corporate model versus a municipal model.

Pure Cycle, with its technical expertise and resources, can provide solutions to these challenges. We use our expertise to purchase both municipal and private water systems, injecting needed capital into new and existing utility systems and developing the infrastructure required to provide clean drinking water and treat wastewater.

If you are seeking to expand your water and wastewater needs – or if you are considering monetizing your water or wastewater operations – please contact us to learn more. For additional information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Single Family Residence Water Budget & One Time Connection Fees (Tap Fees)

Water Asset
Water Tower in Background
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One time connection fees (Tap Fees) and monthly service fees (Usage Fees) for areas outside the Sky Ranch Community are calculated on a case-by-case basis.

One can get a idea of the potential range of fees by using the Sky Ranch Service Fee Calculator with an understanding that the Water Resources Changes will be similar for most communities. However, Potable Water System Charges, Fire Protection Charges, and Sewer System Charges are dependent on the location and configuration of each unique service area.

Select "Contact Us" to request a specific service fee estimate for your area.

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