Sky Ranch Development

About Sky Ranch

In 2010, we purchased approximately 931 acres of undeveloped land located in unincorporated Arapahoe County known as Sky Ranch. Sky Ranch is located directly adjacent to I-70, 16 miles east of downtown Denver, four miles north of the Lowry Range, and four miles south of Denver International Airport.

The property includes rights to 820 acre feet of water and approximately 640 acres of oil and gas mineral rights and has been zoned for residential, commercial and retail uses that may include up to 4,850 SFEs. Sky Ranch is zoned for 4,400 homes and 1.35 million square feet of commercial and retail property. There is currently no development at Sky Ranch. We currently lease the land to an area farmer and have leased the minerals to ConocoPhillips. We envision that when development at Sky Ranch begins, the development will be in the form of entry-level housing (houses costing around $300,000)..

  • 931 acres
  • Located along the I‐70 corridor
  • 16 miles East of Downtown Denver, and four miles North of the Lowry Range.
  • Zoned for 4,400 homes and 1.35 million sq. feet of commercial and retail property (total of 4,850 SFE’s combined)
Phase 1

September 20, 2016 we received approval from the Arapahoe County Planning Commission which recommends approval to the Board of County Commissioners an amendment to the Sky Ranch Preliminary Development Plan, and Preliminary Plat Filing for up to 525 homes.

The Sky Ranch Acquisition

A PDF presentation we prepared when we announced the Sky Ranch Acquisition

Sky Ranch SEC Filings

The stock sale and issuance of the Note are described in detail in Form 8-K filings made with the SEC on 9/29/10 and 10/7/10.

Form 8-K