Pure Cycle and Rangeview Water System

All together, Pure Cycle owns the water rights (or exclusive access to) nearly 29,000 acre feet of water per year. Combined with our developed infrastructure, we are able to provide wholesale water and wastewater services to approximately 60,000 Single Family Equivalents (SFEs) or over 150,000 people.

We plan to utilize these assets, along with our adjudicated reservoir sites, with local governmental entities who will in turn provide residential and commercial water and waste water services to communities along the Front Range. We principally target the I-70 Corridor, located east of downtown Denver and south of Denver International Airport along Interstate 70, which is predominately undeveloped and is expected to experience substantial growth over the next 30 years.

Our assets reflect this vision. Click on the map to view our current assets and some of our planned future assets. More information can be found on each property, system or agreement below.

Lowry Range

Within unincorporated Arapahoe County, about 20 miles southeast of downtown Denver, lies the Former Lowry Bombing and Gunnery Range (Lowry Range), which is now owned by the State Board of Land Commissioners (“Land Board”). Pursuant to our 1996 agreement with the Land Board, Pure Cycle owns or controls approximately 26,000 acre feet of tributary, non-tributary and not non-tributary groundwater rights, and an additional 26,000 acre feet of adjudicated reservoir sites.

In addition, we have contractual rights to 8 wells and 10 miles of buried pipeline through the East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water and Sanitation District.


WISE Infrastructure Map
WISE Infrastructure
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Pure Cycle partners with 10 other members of the South Metropolitan Water Supply Authority (“SMWSA”) in the Water Infrastructure and Supply Efficiency (WISE) collaboration. Pure Cycle, through Rangeview Metropolitan District, funds infrastructure, water delivery, operations and other costs in exchange for 3,000,000 gallons per day of transmission pipeline capacity and 500 acre feet per year of water. The agreement is a cost effective way to increase our capacity to provide water services within our target geography, and will influence the way regional partnerships form to solve to future water supply needs.

Sky Ranch

Our Sky Ranch Master Planned Community will have retail water and wastewater facilities capable of serving 5,000 SFEs. Please visit the Sky Ranch pages of this website for more information.